Most teachers integrate some kind of debate and public speaking into their classrooms, no matter what subject they teach. Most teachers would like to do more of this integration, and many are in the process of forming and advising debate clubs for discussion and debating competitions. The purpose of the resource section of this website is to provide standards-based, classroom-tested resources for teachers and students in the middle grades. As new resources become available, they will be listed in this section of our website. Handouts, graphic organizers, and other materials can be found in our Curriculum Center.


MSPDP Teachers' Guide is now available for download, featuring detailed orientation and instruction materials for news coaches, including a guide to our sample debate, reflections on teaching basic skills, and extensive materials for team building and tournament preparation. This document is intended to accompany our textbook, Speak Out! Debate and Public Speaking in the Middle Grades.

To download as a PDF (11MB), click here.

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For more detailed resources, including readings and reproducible worksheets, consider buying a copy of the Middle School Public Debate Program's official textbook, Speak Out! Debate and Public Speaking in the Middle Grades, available on and other online retailers Speak Out! Debate And Public Speaking in the Middle Grades
Speaking Across the Curriculum is a complete book of lesson plans and worksheets, aligned to the California Content Standards for Speaking and Listening, is available for purchase online at and other online retailers. Speaking Across the Curriculum

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