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Please note the new judging guide and scoring rubric for speaker points. Download it as a PDF file here: 2006-2007 MSPDP Judging Guide and Rubric

As part of the Middle School Public Debate Program, students learn to debate on different sides of many issues. In order for these students to receive productive feedback and improve their debate abilities, they must have good evaluators. At a competition, students debate in front of designated judges who take observe the debate, take notes, and decide who wins the debate. After they have taken some time to deliberate, judges announce the winner of the debate and provide constructive advice to students.

The MSPDP recruits and trains judges from all parts of the community. Judges may be middle school or high school teachers, parents, college students, college professors, community members, or anyone else that is interested in helping students learn. This middle school debate format is designed specifically to be accessible to the public while remaining rigorous for student participants.

If you are interested in becoming a MSPDP judge, you can receive training from local teachers, league officials, and Claremont Colleges National Debate Outreach staff. The MSPDP includes a judge certification program. Judges earn certification through a three-step training program. They can be trained at a competition, by a local teacher, or remotely using this Web site. Once judges have demonstrated that they have the skills to judge, they receive their certificate and are able to judge at tournament competitions.

On this page, you will find the official MSPDP judge certification manual as well as a tip sheet for judges. If you are interested in receiving a judging certificate, read more about the certification program from a certified coach or trainer.

Read our new guide for writing effective ballots by clicking here

MSPDP Judge Certification Manual (pdf file)

Judging Tip Sheet (pdf file)

Sample MSPDP Ballot (pdf file)






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